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Why Sometimes It Is Good To Splurge On Luxury Travelling

Some people want to go on crazy adventures with their backpacks, and those people are who we usually think of when we hear the word “traveller”. But there is another, constantly growing group of people who do not enjoy the backpackers’ lifestyle and prefer to spend more, to get a wonderful, luxurious experience. Today we would like to say, why we think luxury travel can be an amazing experience, even if it requires more spendings.


Firstly things first, though. What exactly is luxury travel? Many consider it to be going to the most extravagant places full of diamonds and gold on the walls, and marble on the floors. But nowadays, there are many definitions of luxury travel, that focus more on the experiences rather than on the splendor.


Today luxury travel is defined by having an access to wonderful places and mind-blowing experiences. Comfort is of course a very important factor and the accommodations should meet fairly high standards, but the overall experience is the most important thing required in today’s luxury travel.


There are many advantages of this type of travelling. First, as said before, is the comfort. The ability to spend the night in a king-sized bed, after an active day, in a private room with a shower and (why not) a jacuzzi does sound appealing.


Secondly, it is the location. Luxury travel means going to places reserved only for very special guests. Hotel built by the waterfall? Sure. A room with the view at a volcano. Why not! A yacht travelling through the Atlantic? No problem. A Mozart’s favourite hotel? Sure, visit Smetana Hotel in Prague. Or how about the 15th century baroque mansion? How about The Grand Mark Hotel? The possibilities are endless.


What also sets luxury travel apart from the regular travelling, is the hosting and the guides. You meet incredibly knowledgeable people, who can show you the most interesting places, and introduce you to some wonderful people, as well as give you an insight into the history of any place, and answer just about any of your burning questions.


You also get the exclusivity many travellers can only dream of. It surely sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?


And you don’t necessarily have to spend all of your spendings just to experience luxury. is a great example of a company, that allows you to save money when travelling in luxury. With the more you spend on your trip the more you save. We offer a wide range of 5-star hotels, and all of them for a better price than the competition, such as the magical Barvikha Hotel & Spa in Moscow, a wonderful Square Nine Hotel in Belgrade.


We want all of our guests to feel like they got the best deal possible, no matter if you travel on foot or in your Porsche, we know that you value your money, and we want you to always feel like the winner.

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