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The most unique hotels in Europe

There are thousands of amazing hotels in Europe, but some of them are more special than the others. Today we would like to present to you some of the most unique of them all.


Kakslauttanen Arcric Resort, Saariselka, Finland

This incredible resort consists of tens of glass igloos. The guests sleep inside of them not only feeling like the part of the nature surrounding them, but also with a rare opportunity to watch the majestic Northern Lights, since Kakslauttanen is one of the best places on Earth to experience this phenomenon! It is truly a magical place for all the dreamers out there!


Blow Up Hall 50 50, Poznań, Poland
This avant-garde, experimental, luxury hotel is located in Poznań and is also an art gallery. It uses unusual rules of guest service and also has a significant collection of contemporary art. Blow Up Hall 50 50 does not have a reception desk and rooms do not have numbers. Instead of keys, guests receive an iPhone, which, together with the screens on the corridors, points to the room and opens the door. The hotel does not have two identical rooms and every guest is surrounded by art.

Esbelli Evi Cave Inn, Cappadocia, Turkey
For hundreds of years, people have carved dwellings in rocks of Cappadocia. To this day many people live in homes partially located in caves. Esbelli Evi is a one step further. It is a cozy cave-inn. And while some of its rooms are literally caves it has all the modern conveniences, such as high-speed Wifi Internet connections, flat-screen TVs and coffee- and tea-making facilities.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden
Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: treer rooms with contemporary design in the middle of nature. There are seven different houses to choose from, such as the UFO, the bird’s nest or the mirrorcube, and they are all absolutely incredible. The futuristic design in the middle of the forest creates an out of this world experience.

No Man’s Fort, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Built as one of a series of land- and sea-based forts, it has been turned into a luxury hotel, with 22 bedrooms, nightclub, hot tub and even laser quest arena. Guests are taken to the fort by boat, to experience a completely new level of hospitality.

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