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The Alternative Czech Republic

Czech Republic

When you think of the Czech Republic, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Prague. No surprise, as it’s one of the most popular cities in Europe. However, you might be tired of the crowds and wish to just see a beautiful place. That’s why I prepared a short list of spots not so popular amongst the tourists, but just as magnificent.


First, let’s start things off with the not-so-hidden gem, as Brno is the second largest city in all of Czech Republic. Some say it is like crowd-free, unknown version of Prague. Full of beautiful castles, churches, and palaces, it will satisfy each and every one of those, who love to sightsee. With the town squares, pubs and interesting microbreweries, you will definitely find something to do there. Another argument for visiting Brno is the fact, that it is probably one of the cheaper places to go in Europe. You don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy your time there. Don’t be scared of the old opinions about the city – it used to be boring and not interesting, but the number of young people and students that lives there changed the city all around to the amazing vacation spot and hidden gem it is today.

Czech Republic


If you chose to go to Brno, don’t miss the occasion of visiting the small city located just 100 km away – Telč. The tiny city, another gem that has close to no tourists, will be your next love if you are a fan of Italian Renaissance architecture. We recommend simply wandering around the streets of the town because it’s hard to tell you about all of the spots that are worth seeing. Give yourself a day or two and walk around all of the tiny squares, colorful streets, and clear lakes.
As to the historic buildings, don’t forget to visit the beautiful chateau that has been in Telč since the 17th century. It’s fairytale-like and you will for sure enjoy it.


Třebíč is another place that most people would love, but which they don’t know about. That’s a shame, as Třebíč with its beautiful Jewish Quarter and the Basilica of St. Procopius is definitely a place one should not miss. While walking through the Jewish Quarter, not only one of the biggest ones in Europe, but also a one that is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you are able to see how, before the World War II, Christians and Jews coexisted with each other.
Others reasons to visit the beautiful Třebíč? It is one of the ecologically cleanest towns in all of the Czech Republic! The town owes its clarity to the breathtaking nature that surrounds it and makes the air so very breathable. You might think it’s nothing special, but if you live in a city with the air quality similar to the one in Krakow, you’ll know why this argument appeared.

Kutná Hora

Now we are switching to slightly more popular place on the map of the country. Kutná Hora, known also as the Silver City, is just an hour away from Prague. Now, you really don’t have an excuse to take a day and go there.
If you are a fan of history, Kutná Hora should really be on your bucket list. Not only does it have a lot of architectural jewels that will leave you in awe, but also historical sites, which significance is almost unbelievable. The most characteristic place to see is most probably the Bone Church. If you think it’s just another church and it’s not worth seeing, you are definitely wrong. The name ruins the surprise a little, as the whole church is decorated with human bones. It is a slightly creepy experience, but definitely something worth a try as the Bone Church is a top place to visit in Kutná Hora.

Czech Republic


In the fight over which city is the most beautiful in the Czech Republic Holašovice is always a contender. The small town, signed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another hidden gem of the country. With the Bohemian style of the buildings and the rustic village-like houses that date all the way back to the 18th century, Holašovice makes for a great place to take photos of. The pond and a beautiful church located in the town complete it and create a picture-perfect view.
If you are looking for a beautiful, yet crowd-free and peaceful place, you should definitely add Holašovice to your list of places to see.


If you read the name of the city, you probably connect Plzeň to the beer type. You are not wrong! Plzeň is indeed a place where the pilsner was born. However, there is more to the city than just the beer. If you travel with kids and look for something that will catch their interest, the city has got you covered. The zoo, the Techmania Science Centre or the Puppet Museum, all of them make it easier for you to find something to do for your kids. Also, they are not so-typically-for-kids and you will for sure enjoy them too.
As for the historical sites, Plzeň offers the tourists the Great Synagogue, the second biggest synagogue in Europe and the third in the whole world. Another site – St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral with the tower that is the highest tower in the country.
Of course, Plzeň didn’t forget about the people that come to the Czech Republic for beer and offers you a tour of the Brewery Museum. If you’d like, you can also add a visit in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery to your list. I promise you’re not gonna leave the city thirsty.

Czech Republic

I hope that this article gave you some inspiration for creating a list of places to see in the beautiful Czech Republic. The country is popular for its capital, but there is much more to it than just Prague.

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  1. Hi, great review. In Brno, I was passing, but I really liked the small towns of Humburg and Velky Shenov.

  2. I plan to travel to Czech republic autumn this year and found many useful materials here. Thanks for sharing.

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