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Tuscany – The Perfect Woman: Beautiful, Intelligent, Friendly and Never Disappointing.

Versione Italiana di Seguito.  Italian Version Below Article written by Federica Margilio While trying to find the “right” topic on which I can develop this article and the perfect words to express it, I found myself lost in all of the anecdotes and stories that should be told. So lost, that I was forgetting the reason that pushed me to talk about my region, Tuscany, which is the unconditional love that I have for it.


France – From La Rochelle to the Pyrénées

Article en français ci-dessous – See below for the French Version We continue our tour of France in this second article. If you have not read the first one we recommend you to do it (you can find it here). This time we will venture along the Atlantic coast, from La Rochelle to the Basque Country. We will only talk here about one region, namely…

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The Trail of Italian Wines

Who doesn’t love a glass of red after a long day at work? Wine has been a big part of our culture for millennia, especially in Europe. And few countries make as good wine as Italy. For Italians, it is not only the national drink but also a base of its cuisine. Italian wines are known for their quality and prestige. Vineyards over the centuries became a prominent part of its scenery. So today, we are taking you on a trip through its most famous wine regions.