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Cultural Faux Pas’ Around The World

As we grow up, we learn things that we should do and what we shouldn’t do around other people. It is something that is usually bred into you by your grandmother more than anyone else (or perhaps that was just mine). Cultural faux pas’ are something to think about. Now that we are adults we know all the rules and what we can and cannot do and keep the world spinning in the right direction. Right? 

Zurich – the city of contrasts

Zurich is located in the heart of Europe, right in the center of Switzerland. It is an exceptionally intriguing city, modern yet antique, full of contrasts that merge into an incredible mosaic of culture, elegance, and extravagance. It is both very exciting and relaxing all while being surrounded by snowy peaks of the Alps that meet in Lake Zürich.   In Zurich, everyone will find something for themselves. Culture and art lovers will feel more than happy with over 50 museums and 100 galleries.   Families with children will surely enjoy time spent at the local Zoo or in the Sihlwald Forest, where you can meet many animals. Visit to the rain forest located in the local Zoo is also a truly unique experience.       Thanks to the numerous lakes, biking and mountain trails in Zürich, nature and sports lovers will also be more than happy to go for a run or a walk surrounded by incredible scenery. If you enjoy peace it is easy to find it around the city.     …

Bern – the most charming capital of Europe

Although it has been the capital of Switzerland since 1848, Bern is still a very charming “town”. Its character is not destroyed by the fact that Bern is the headquarters of government, international companies, and organizations as well as an important transport hub. It is truly a unique place.     One of the things that make Bern so charming is very well preserved historic center. The Old Town as a whole has been named the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is simply a medieval city in the middle of the modern city, leaving an amazing impression.     Bern, which lies on a peninsula, is surrounded by the river Aare. Beautiful, turquoise color attracts people, and the habitants of the city in their free time enjoy the charms of a very clean river and waterfront. Boats, inflatable mattresses, inflatable boats, kayaks, diving … anyone can find something for themselves.   If you want to see the city from a better angle, a great viewpoint is the platform of the cathedral tower. It is difficult to …