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Autumn Travels – Where and Why?

Summer is slowly saying goodbye, the leaves change colors and the temperature starts to go down. Before you get sad, remember that this means the time for autumn travels is here! What is that? Where should you go? Keep reading and I will answer those questions.

Polish Seaside

The Travel Guide to the Polish Seaside

Polish Seaside has always been a popular summer destination for Poles. Many tourists know places like the Tri-City. However, they are often not aware of the many hidden gems scattered around the Baltic Sea’s shore. Today I will focus on all the smaller, yet charming cities in this region of the country.

Polish Cuisine

A Guide to Polish Cuisine

Many of you probably know the Italian, Mexican or Japanese cuisine. But there is a country in Europe (where Bidroom so happens to have an office) that also has a wide variety of delicacies to offer. Today, we will take you on a culinary trip through some of the most delicious and most popular dishes of this Eastern European country. So join us and learn more about the Polish cuisine. 


Detox Methods Around the World

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is behind us. So to commemorate the good times, we want to talk about the subject that may be a bit too familiar during this time of the year. On one hand, we eat way too much of everything, on the other we celebrate the coming of the new year with one glass of champagne too many. So to help all of us out a little, we will talk about the detox methods from around the World.


Warsaw – From Ruins to Skyscrapers

October 1944, an order has been issued to erase a city from the surface of Earth. Issuing the order was Hitler, and the city to be destroyed was Warsaw. While a large part of it was demolished, it has luckily not been erased. Today, we can say the city rose from the ashes and became one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Independence Day, Poland

Independence Day Around the World

Tomorrow, the 11th of November is the Independence Day of Poland. Few occasions for the celebration are as valid as this one. It is a time when the whole nation rejoices and commemorates one of the most important dates in its history. Each country has their own way of celebrating as well as a unique date for this special holiday. So today we will have a closer look at some of them.

Best destinations for Spring in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country all year round, but there is something about Spring that makes it unusually beautiful. And since the “long weekend” is coming up in this gorgeous country we want to introduce you a few ideas for a spring tour around this wonderful country.   Tatry The highest mountains of Poland are by many considered the most beautiful ones. Not only there are many beautiful towns in the area of the Tatra Mountains (especially Zakopane, which attracts tourists 365 days a year), but the mountains themselves are absolutely gorgeous, especially in the spring when multicolored flowers are starting to blossom. Especially beautiful is Chochołowska Valley, where in May thousands of purple crocuses attract hundreds of tourists!     Kraków One of the most beautiful cities in Poland has been delighting visitors for ages, and in the spring it takes on some extraordinary charm that makes it even more beautiful. Wawel Castle, the Vistula river, the Main Market Square and all the small streets where you can get lost are captivating and put …