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South Korea, Seoul

South Korea – Winter Olympics for Travellers

The XXIII Winter Olympics will take place between 9 and 25 February this year in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. But what if you are going to the Olympics, but don’t want to stay in one place? Maybe you will go there from another continent and would like to see as much as possible. Or maybe you just want to get to know the host country better. Whichever the reason, in this article you can read all about South Korea’s most interesting attractions.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events – Are They Beneficial for the Host Countries?

Hoteliers know, that their revenue doesn’t grow the same way all throughout the year. Often, it depends on the climate. Sometimes, however, it is a man, not weather conditions, that affects the number of tourists visiting a given country. Sporting events, because they will be the subject of this article, can drastically change the number of foreign visitors, as well as the entire economy of the country. But are they truly worth it?