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Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya – Perfect Summer Destination

Sun, beaches, ocean and cold drinks. Sounds like heaven? No, it’s just one of the most popular summer getaways. Lagoons and cities of Mexico’s eastern coast that invite you to bathe in the sun while forgetting all of your troubles, Mayan ruins that cannot be missed. Riviera Maya welcomes you all!

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo – Traditional Celebration of Culture

The celebration of freedom and victory, but also of the whole culture. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday like no other. What do the Mexicans do to celebrate? How does the traditional day of Cinco de Mayo look like? Today, we want to bring the answers and tell you something about the celebrations and food typical for Mexican Cinco de Mayo.

Independence Day, Poland

Independence Day Around the World

Tomorrow, the 11th of November is the Independence Day of Poland. Few occasions for the celebration are as valid as this one. It is a time when the whole nation rejoices and commemorates one of the most important dates in its history. Each country has their own way of celebrating as well as a unique date for this special holiday. So today we will have a closer look at some of them.