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Japan – Improve Your Body and Mind While You Escape Christmas!

Japan for me has always had a certain air of elegance, mystery and ancient sophistication. It is rich in history that was put down in written word long before the history of the West ever was. It is a country that attracted more than 24 million people last year. Now, I have found an even better reason to visit, especially at this time of year. They don’t celebrate Christmas! I know, I know, Bah Humbug, but let’s face it, not everyone wants to celebrate Christmas. It is difficult to get away from the Christmas vibe if that is what you want to do, but hopefully, once you have read this article you will agree that Japan is a good option to do just that. Relax in a Luxury Pod Hotel If you have never experienced, or worse, heard of Japanese Pod Hotels, well, you have now. At first glance it seems like a bad idea, they are small and compact and seem to offer no luxury at all. At least not what we would call …


Detox Methods Around the World

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is behind us. So to commemorate the good times, we want to talk about the subject that may be a bit too familiar during this time of the year. On one hand, we eat way too much of everything, on the other we celebrate the coming of the new year with one glass of champagne too many. So to help all of us out a little, we will talk about the detox methods from around the World.

Winter Destinations

Winter Destinations for Everybody

Everybody has a different approach to Winter. Some like to spend it in front of the fireplace with a glass of Malbec. Others want to enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts, and go skiing, skating or snowboarding each weekend. There are also those, who can’t stand it and look for any chance to get away. Today, we’ve prepared a list of Winter destinations, where everyone can find something for themselves. Disclaimer: For the sake of the article we will talk about the season in the northern hemisphere.

Tea culture

Tea Culture Around the World

Many beverages are known only to a certain area of the World, but one took over all of the continents. Tea is, after water, second most popular drink on Earth. But while we all know and love it, not every nation enjoys it the same way. Tea culture is fascinating and gives you a glimpse of the region’s customs. That’s why today we will have a very special trip around the World.