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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – where to go to celebrate it in an original way

For a love-filled season one question that stays prevalent in the minds of every love-struck person is how exactly do they introduce the X-factor to their Val’s Day celebration this year. How do they make Valentine’s Day a beautiful memory that triggers smiles on their partners’ faces each time it is remembered. Now, for those who are lost in these questions, you might want to keep the fretting on the low and read on. We have you covered a hundred percent. Discussed below are tips on how to have an absolutely pleasurable Valentine’s Day and celebrate it in an original way. Excited? Let’s show you how to make magic! A Retreat Into The Woods If you and your partner are naturally hard workers on every other day of the year and are suckers for the wonders of nature, then opting for a retreat into the woods on Valentine’s Day is a pretty good option. It enables you to unwind and just bond with your soulmate in a serene and beautiful environment. There are also the …

Five Golden Rules That You Need To Remember For Success

If you run a hotel you know people travel for all sorts of reasons. Some do it for business, this is travelling for necessity. Others do it for pleasure or just to get away from everything and recharge. Whatever the reason, it is your job as a hotelier to make sure they have a pleasant and memorable stay. This is in the hope that they will return or, at the very least, tell their friends about their stay and recommend your hotel. No matter the reason for your guests stay, if you implement these five rules and highlight them to your staff then you can at least maximise the chance of them returning and/or recommending. 1. People Buy From People No matter what business you are in, it remains true, especially today, that people buy from people. You could have the best rooms, the tastiest food and all the facilities under the sun, but if your guest encounters rude or impolite staff and just simply unhelpful staff, they will leave with a bad impression of the your hotel and …

2018 – A year of blooming. 2019 – The year for Booming.

It is coming to the end of the year for us all. Christmas is just around the corner and New Year’s Eve is about to take us into the year 2019. Can you believe it is almost 2019 already?! What happened to 2018? Where did it all go? What happened? Will next year be the same? All good questions and the exact ones I am about to answer.