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New Improvements to the Platform

The Hague – 2 August, 2016 – The online booking platform, Bidroom.com is announcing two big additions to the way users can navigate the website. The first major improvement is the implementation of hotel profiles. From now on, Bidroom.com users will be able to get to know about a hotel from a dedicated, detailed hotel profile page, as well as browse the hotel’s offers.

“The addition of hotel profiles will definitely help out the travelers loyal to a certain hotel. People oftentimes have their favorite hotels in some of the cities they visit regularly. It’s a great improvement to our platform, as our users will easily be able to look up the hotel they’re interested in, browse the rooms the hotel offers, and book it directly from the page. It’s also useful for those undecided, as they can compare various hotels, by learning about the hotels’ locations, and the amenities they offer” – Michael Ros, Bidroom’s co-founder said.

Another improvement to the platform is the addition of the “Sign Up with LinkedIn” button, to the user registration page.

“LinkedIn joins Facebook as another social media platform that people can use to sign up to Bidroom. It makes the whole process really quick, as it only takes a few clicks to register and start browsing offers. LinkedIn is a fast growing platform, which was only proved by the Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the most popular professional network. We want people to have as little constraints as possible when signing up to Bidroom.com, and adding this button is definitely an improvement, and a step in the right direction for us” – said Michael Ros.

The development of the Dutch startup isn’t stopping just there. The team is constantly working on more and more improvements, to enhance the user experience. We’re already looking forward to another two, upcoming major upgrades to the platform, which will be the addition of channel managers support, as well as translation our website to multiple languages. These two upgrades will be implemented soon.

The company continues to make strides in the process of development. Just last month, Bidroom.com expanded to private apartments, BnBs and Vacation Rentals, after many requests from not only users but also property owners. Before, Bidroom.com cooperated only with hotels. With the expansion of the platform, the company also expanded physically. Early in the year, Bidroom opened its second office – in Cracow, Poland. Last month, the company announced the opening of two more local offices – in Athens, Greece, and in Berlin, Germany.

“I’m satisfied with the strides we’ve been making, but we can’t stop just yet. We’re continually looking to develop, to become the biggest online booking platform on the market. As our motto goes: it’s time to stop the hotel bullies!” – Ros concluded.

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