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Hotel Chatbots – Win or Fail for Guests?


In a world dominated by tech, change is the only constant. Every week, there’s a new download, update, upgrade, or self-propelling vacuum cleaner to wrap your head around. Chatbots are just one example of the newest hype to permeate the business world. But can they help your business? 

What is a Chatbot?

Did you ever click on an ad on Facebook and instantly receive a message from their business page? That’s a chatbot: instant messaging technology mostly used by businesses.

It’s not surprising that AI is changing business operation dramatically, and chatbots are becoming popular customer services channel. Hotel chatbot is a computer responding to your guests, instead of your live support staff. 

A chatbot is a customer service, fueled by artificial intelligence, to interact with customers via a massaging medium such as messenger. 

Chatbot magazine classifies chatbots into two basic categories: 

  • Powered by rules: The bot that responds to very limited and specified commands, it doesn’t understand your query and may reply with the wrong message. This chatbot is preferred by business to stay in touch with customers during off business hours and for promotional messages. 
  • Using IA learning: This smart bot learns from the conversation with people, using its artificial brain. It is not specified to some queries, rather, understands your message to reply it accurately. 

How to Ensure Customers’ Pleasure with Chatbots?

Where chatbot helps business’ customer services, it can be frustrating to your clients. The customer is always looking for a clear response to his or her query, whereas, a chatbot may understand and respond based on its previous experience. 

Thus, in order to avoid customer’s frustration, keep these things in mind

  • Set pre-build responses to let the customer know that they are not interacting with a person but a bot. You can set data based on previous queries and conversations. 
  • Use a smart UX flow, asking a quick and smart question that may lead the user to the right answer. For hotels, the most recommended set-up is to start with the booking process. 
  • Once chatbot conversation builds a context to engage customer, make sure there is a real representative to assist the customer. 

Chatbots for Improved Guest Experience 

Large hotel entities, such as Starwood, are using chatbots in their customer services channel for better customer experience. Expedia, Hyatt, and have also installed them to help their guest in various ways ranging from answering general queries to the online booking process. 

Let’s see how a chatbot is useful and how can it help hotels to keep their guests happy and satisfied. 

  • Available 24/7 for Instant Guest Communication

Do you know, 50% of the users are interested in chatbots for their instant response? Yes, since chatbots are run using artificial intelligence, they are available to serve your hotel guests 24/7. Though it is a bot, guests feel valued when their queries are responded promptly, which in turn, increases brand loyalty.

Rendering of personal-hype recommendation, based on hotel guest’s attitude and preference, is also possible with chatbots. Where chatbots promote relationship management, they can take your hotel business to the new heights of success. 

  • Efficient Booking Process with Chatbots

There is nothing better than using a chatbot for the prompt booking process, reducing the hotel’s dependency on international and local travel agencies and saving them some revenue. Chabot can take users down to the booking process, helping them to book their trips online without any trouble. 

  • Chatbots to act as a Concierge 

Since it is hard for your real customer support to stay active 24/7, your chatbot acts as a doorkeeper to deal with your customers when live chat support sleeps. Customers don’t only arrive during business hours, but they can leave their queries off-business hours when live support is not available.

Thus, bots offer your customers to have their queries answered instantly without waiting for a live representative to come online and answer it. 

  • Fast Check-in and Check-out with AI Bot 

With chatbots, your guests are at the ease of check-in and check-out process using their mobile devices, reducing their wait for the long queue during peak seasons. Downloading a hotel check-in app or doing manual check-in/out can be daunting, thus chatbots check-in boost your guests’ experience and satisfaction. 

In additions, bots keep on sending regular updates to your customers including updates for check-in/out process, availability of free rooms, and to notify them for meal time or spa time, etc. with this facility, your staff becomes free to engage themselves in other productive tasks and your guests enjoy a cheerful experience. 

  • Reducing Language Barrier 

Let’s imagine, a foreigner enters your hotel and starts a conversation with front-desk staff in a language that your staff is not familiar with, leading to the communication gap, which in turn impacts your brand loyalty. But language is no more a barrier with the multilingual bot, assisting your international guests to be at the ease of conversation in their native language when they are in your hotel.

  • Quick Response to your Guest’s Requests 

It becomes daunting for customer services staff to respond to thousands of requests daily, thus, a chatbot takes off their burden by responding to guest’s requests. Chatbots have been successful to give hotel guests an instant pleasure and satisfaction. 

Instead of calling a front-desk every time for every request, a hotel chatbot can serve your guests to resolve their requests and queries without any human intervention. From room tariffs to in-room services, a pre-set bot with all necessary details can be utilized to be with your guests 24/7 to fulfill their inquiries. 

Now you know what a hotel chatbot is and how can it help your business to interact with your guests for effective customer experience. And also, being a customer, you know how to make the best use of chatbot when you are in the hotel. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add your hotel to right now, and start receiving non-commission bookings. 

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