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Hong Kong – the Land of Skyscrapers

Hong Kong

Whereas the whole country of China might be associated with the neverending tradition, there is one special administrative area that is world’s capital when it comes to banking, business and development. Welcome to Bidroom’s guide of Hong Kong.


Firstly, we would like to tell you about a place that allows you to see the beauty of the island of skyscrapers. If you want to see the skyline of Hong Kong, there is one place that everyone will recommend you to visit – The Peak. The highest point on the island is also one of its most important tourist attractions. All thanks to the view it offers. Whether it is during the day or at night, it will not leave you disappointed. And don’t let it fool you, it is not your regular hill. At the top of it lies The Peak Tower. With a large viewing platform as well as dining spots and retail outlets it is ideal for those who want to relax while admiring one the view.
There is a special Peak Tram that can take you all the way to the top if you do not want to walk!

Night Market

The Night Market is a must-see if you like bazaars. The one we want to tell you about is the Temple Street Night Market, which carries the name after the Tin Hau temple that you can find in the center of the area. As to the treats you can get on this market, there are all kinds of electronics, menswear, souvenirs, watches and teaware. On the other side of the market, you will find all kinds of delicious meals and local snacks that you can enjoy on one of the plastic chairs while you take a break from your night shopping.
As an interesting fact, we can tell you, that the local atmosphere is so strong on this bazaar that the whole place often served as a background in numerous movies.

Hong Kong

Garden of Stars

The Garden of Stars is an interesting place indeed. Why? It is a temporary attraction that will be there until somewhere around the end of 2018. You may wonder why would the government decide to get rid of a garden. Well, the answer is surprising. The Garden of Stars was actually created to cover the fact that area around is undergoing a major renovation. Yes, you read that correctly, the garden is just a way of hiding the mess of renovations and creating something that people would still like to see.
As to the garden itself, you can find statues, paintings and avenues that are named after the famous movie stars and artists. For example, when you enter the garden you will see a magnificent statue of Bruce Lee. It’s a place worth seeing, so hurry up and quickly book your tickets.

Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is the biggest one of that kind in all of Hong Kong. It is a tribute to two very important gods: Man, the god of literature, and Mo, the god of war. Both of them were worshipped by ambitious students looking to succeed in the civil examinations of Imperial China.
The temple has been built in the 19th century. What’s interesting is the fact that when you look at its surroundings, you could say the temple doesn’t match. The whole area around the Man Mo Temple is full of glass skyscrapers of financial corporations. This, however, allows you to step back from the hectic corporate world and just take a breath while looking at a piece of history.

Hong Kong

Clock Tower

Another landmark is the Clock Tower, is a magnificent monument that represents and remembers the Age of Steam. Built in 1916, it has been opened to the public immediately. However, the government didn’t install the clock face in the tower due to their doubts about the costs. After 5 years, in 1920, the clock started operating.
Despite the resemblance of the Age of Steam, it was also a symbol of new things to come for people of China who looked for their new life either in Hong Kong or somewhere else in the world. All of them went through Hong Kong, as it has one of the biggest harbors in the whole world. That way, when seeing the Clock Tower, they knew that their new life has just begun.

Hong Kong


The last thing we want to focus on is an attraction for the kids. The smaller ones, the bigger ones and the adult ones, all of us would enjoy a trip to Disneyland. Hong Kong’s Disneyland will offer you a trip to your childhood years with the Magical Forest, Madhatter’s Teacups and Royal Princess Garden, but it will also let you go back to the galaxy far far away with the Star Wars’ Tomorrowland Takeover with the X-wing and the Jedi training. If you are looking for something from another branch of Disney, maybe you will enjoy the Iron Man Experience. Do you want to see the famous Stark Expo from the movie? Or maybe you would like a virtual aerial trip to the Hong Kong’s Stark Tower? If so, you are in the right place.
Just as Disneyland in Florida, this one is also great for people of all ages. All of us want to feel like a kid sometimes!

With that, we are finishing this little guide of Hong Kong. Of course, the city has much more to offer. We highly recommend checking it out, as it may exceed all of your expectations. Enjoy your trip and make sure to let us know how much did you like the city.


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