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Guide to Winter Comfort Food

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Right now, the whole northern hemisphere is in the middle of winter. No matter where you live, this time of the year might be a little bit depressing – short days, long nights and close to no sun can influence everyone. However, there are some remedies to this feeling and I am here to tell you all about it. Welcome to the Winter Comfort Food Guide!



Globally-known Italian remedy for the bad mood, pizza is the perfect food when you have that winter blues. With the variety of toppings, it will warm you up instantly, because let’s face it – we all eat the minute it is delivered to us, we don’t want to wait. Also, it can be a perfect snack while laying under the fluffy blanket and binge-watching a tv show or a movie, because after eating the whole pizza by ourselves (don’t worry, I get you, nobody wants to share their pizza) you are so full that you don’t have to get anything else for a couple of hours. Additionally, if you need anything else to convince you that pizza is an amazing choice for a winter night, just imagine all the jealousy you will cause snapping a pretty picture of your food and putting it, for example, on Instagram!


The dish that originated in the beautiful, wintery Canada is another great choice for the cold, snowy evening at home. Consisting of French fries and cheese curds, topped with gravy, it is able to make every bit of your doldrums go away in a second. Not only is it delicious, but also you can actually save money, cook it yourself and even invite someone over for dinner. I can assure you, for a plate of amazing poutine everyone is ready to leave their warm blanket nest. The only downside? When your friends will get the invitation, there is a big chance there will be nothing left when they finish eating – that’s just the effect of the deliciously warming poutine. Our tip? Before they come, take so of it and hide in the fridge!


Let’s face it – any form of cheese is great during this time of year. Doesn’t matter how you make it, the deliciously melted amazingness will cheer you up every time. I can be made either in the form of a whole meal, like mac and cheese, or something smaller, yet just as delicious, like a grilled cheese sandwich. Not only you will like their taste, they have also a great #foodporn potential. Every social media foodie knows that the picture of melted cheese can be very satisfying, sensual even. So, when you make your cheese meal, remember to snap a picture! Who knows, maybe someone will get inspired to cook it too? I encourage you to try them as both of them are easy and relatively quick to make and the taste will make you forget that there is a snow storm outside and you have to get to get to work earlier tomorrow.

Cookies and Milk

First of all, let’s agree on something: Cookies and milk are not just meant for Santa. We, the regular people, also need the sweetness and the feeling that freshly baked cookies give to us. This is one of the comfort foods with the most potential because there are millions of great cookies recipes – do you want some chocolate chip ones? Or maybe a coconut flavoured ones? With jam in it? Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free? I am sure that no matter what is your preference when it comes to cookies, you will definitely find something. There are also healthy kinds of cookies, so you can feel free to give in to that craving without the guilt.

Hot Chocolate

You simply cannot talk about winter comfort food and not mention hot chocolate. One could argue that hot chocolate is a general comfort food that suits every occasion, but there is something about going back home in the winter and treating yourself with a big cup of creamy hot chocolate. Also, if it’s morning and you need something comforting that will also help you wake up, try adding hot chocolate to your coffee – I guarantee, there is no way you will regret that decision. Another amazing about hot chocolate is that you can do everything with it – add some fruit, whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows or, if you like it, you can take some kind of liquor to spice up your drink a little. The best ones going with hot chocolate would probably be amaretto, bourbon or rum. Be careful though, because if you decorate your cup of hot chocolate, you might have a second of doubt whether you want to actually drink it all together and destroy your work of art.

Fruit Crumble

Another amazing way to fight the blues – fruit crumble! It is warm, it is sweet and it is, in fact, a perfect dessert that’s easy to make! Not only you do not have to count only on fresh fruit because the frozen ones that you can buy in every supermarket will also do the job, but also, besides putting the fruit into the oven, you only have to do the topping. After finishing that, you only wait until they are baked, et voila! Remember that you can also add something of your choice to it – bake the fruit with nuts, add some whipped cream or put one scoop of vanilla ice cream on the plate. Actually, if you want – add everything! Winter time can be pretty hard and we all need some comfort sometimes.


If nothing else works and you have a free evening ahead of you, remember about the globally known remedy for sadness – wine! You can add some spices and a sliced orange, for example, and make it in a version of mulled wine or you can just get yourself a bottle of a nice wine and just treat yourself with some home spa – a nice, warm bath, some music, a face mask, a glass of wine and a good book to relax you a little. No one would have a right to judge you because every single person needs to just unplug, leave everything and just focus on themselves to let the everyday stress go. If you do it by drinking a glass of wine while reading a book – that is your right to do so and I support you with my whole heart!


Remember, the winter will be over one day and the warm, sunny days will come back to us. These were just some tips on how to survive them, but if you have your reliable ways, please share them with us! There are still some winter evenings ahead of us and any ideas on how to make them pleasant are welcome.



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