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Family Holidays – Where and Why?

family holidays

When you think of traveling, you probably have in mind young people of similar age, friends, couples, etc. However, that excludes families. Since everyone deserves to see the beautiful world we live in, today we want to focus on families. Sit down, relax and enjoy Bidroom’s guide to the best family holidays destinations.


Firstly, we would like to tell you about the winter wonderland of Finland. If you like snow, cold temperatures and aren’t necessarily a fan of the beach, this kind of vacation will be for you. You don’t have to worry about the lack of attractions, though. The simple things are what Finland wins with. Either the dashing over the white hills, roads covered in snow or Lapland – the Santa Claus’ home. Both kids and adults will for sure enjoy their time spent there. When it comes to Lapland, while being there, you can get to know the work of Santa’s Elves by learning how to bake gingerbread and how to make toys. Moreover, you can see Santa himself sorting mail or tending the horses in his stable. We are sure that this will be family holidays to remember.

family holidays


At the other end of the spectrum, we have the ocean and sunny beaches of Florida. This place will make you feel like on the vacation you see in advertisements. Whether you wish for a beach day, where the youngest generation can run around and just have fun or want to hike, walk around and see the coast, this destination is a match made in heaven for you. Besides the things you can do during the day with your kids, Florida has thousands of beautiful spots for a couple’s date. Romantic restaurants, cafes, etc – you can be sure that you will find a perfect place for anything that you are looking for. The beach and the ocean await you and your dreamy family holidays!


Everyone deserves to go on a dream-like vacation. Luckily, there are a lot of places in the world that will suit you if you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on it. One of those places is definitely Cyprus. This island not far away from the Turkish coast and it has it all. Whatever you need and might want from your vacation, Cyprus will offer it for sure. You will find the historic ruin sites to visit, clean, beautiful beaches, Mediterranean weather and amazing food that will make you wish you brought more loose clothes. It’s an amazing spot for everyone who just wants to get away for a moment.

family holidays


This option is for the families who prefer spending their free time actively. Wales will for sure keep you busy. What can you find there? You can hike and reach Mount Snowdon, which will reward you with the most breathtaking views in the country. If that’s not enough for you, there are a couple of other options that will keep your adrenaline on a high level. For example, you could check out the old mines of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Right now, instead of old mines, there is a giant underground trampoline. If that doesn’t fully convince you to choose Wales as your vacation destination, maybe Seven Wonders of Wales will?


Greece is a must-see on almost everyone’s holiday checklist. No matter what part of it will you choose, the experience will always be amazing. If you want to save some money, you should probably go with one of the Greek Islands. However, the continental part will probably satisfy you the most if you really want to see the places that were the place for our culture to be born. If you are a fan of a calm vacation and a beachside, Greece will be your dream spot for sure. The beautiful beaches, the sea and, last but not least, the amazing Mediterranean food. You will not only satisfy your spirit and your body but also your stomach. We highly recommend.

family holidays


Romania might be the most underrated country on our list. This beautiful place will be a perfect spot for everyone, no matter the age. There are salt mines that not only are an incredible spot to visit, but they are also believed to improve one’s health. The salt mine has exhibitions, galleries, cinema and an acrobatic adventure park. Of course, the salt mine is not the only thing you can see in Romania. The whole country has spots for you to take care of yourself. Mud baths, salty waters, aquatic activities, all of those are waiting for you in the beautiful, underrated country of Romania.

As you can see, there are a lot of places in the world for family holidays. Don’t worry, there is more of them and we are sure there is a spot that you will be perfectly happy with. Of course, we mean you and your family.

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