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Easter traditions from around the World

Easter is just around the corner, so today we decided to introduce you to some of our favorite (and most fun) Easter traditions!


Egg hunts

They take place in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Philippines, and Australia. Parents hide eggs and sweets for children to find. Sometimes around the house, sometimes outdoors to make it even more fun!




Kite flying

In Bermuda, on Good Friday, children fly colorful kites they make themselves. The tradition is said to have begun when a local teacher tried to explain Christ’s ascension to Heaven to his class. He made a kite shaped like a cross, to illustrate it. Ever since then children make gorgeous kites with colorful tissue paper, long tails, wood or metal, and string.


Egg decorating

A popular tradition around the World, especially in Europe. Before Easter, children (and many adults!) decorate eggs they later put in their Easter baskets. There are many ways to do it, such as painting, carving, dyeing, and even sprinkling them with glitter!




Egg dancing

This centuries-old tradition is as fun as it sounds! To make a long story short, the basic rule is dancing around a floor full of eggs, trying not to break any. Sounds simple, but it is actually quite a tricky thing to do! Popular in the U.S. and most parts of Europe, it is one of the most fun Easter customs!


Egg fight

Also known as egg tapping, it adds a dash of rivalry to the holiday. The rules are very simple: two people knock a hard-boiled egg against their opponent’s egg until one of them cracks. The person whose egg will remain intact until the end of the game wins!


These are just a few of the tens of interesting traditions. It is worth it to travel to get to know as many of them as possible!


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