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Bidroom.com lets hotels invest in its platform



The fastest-growing online booking platform in Europe, Bidroom.com, opens up an opportunity for hoteliers to invest in this disruptive startup. After the initial talks with potential investors, it has been settled that the maximum of 10 equity investment slots will become available for hotels. The executives of Bidroom.com have already reached tentative agreements with a couple of hoteliers.

Last year Bidroom.com received an investment from angel investors. The company rolled out a new business model at the beginning of 2017, introducing commission-free bookings. At the same time, Bidroom.com launched online marketing campaigns and the very successful rebook functionality which sky-rocketed the activity on its social media channels. The company overall has been growing approximately 13% each month. The team has largely expanded as well, leading to the move to an extra office in Cracow, Poland. Bidroom’s primary headquarters were also moved from The Hague to Amsterdam.

The investment would allow Bidroom.com to grow even faster, by launching more exciting features, marketing campaigns, and developing the technology behind the platform. All of this will bring fairness to the hotel industry!

If you’re interested in becoming a common stock-holder of the platform, contact michael@bidroom.com for details.

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