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Bidroom Around the World: 2019 Mid-Year Update

We’ve been to some places, seen some things. We thought you’d like to know, you curious people. Here’s a little taste of what we’ve been up to:

ITB Berlin (March 6 to 10)

Hundreds of the most passionate representatives in the travel industry from all over the world, all under one roof? Ahh, our people. This not-so-little trip got us exposed to nearly 3,300 hotels and put us directly in touch with over 260 hotel representatives from big-name chains like Choice Hotels, H10, and Rotana Hotels. Our sales team is still catching their breath.

[Couldn’t make it, but having some serious FOMO? We got you.]

Arabian Travel Market Trade Show in Dubai (April 28 to May 1)

This one’s a destination our Bidroom Bus couldn’t reach so easily, but we were determined to get our sock-branded feet in the door to the biggest travel trade show in the MEA. Mohammed Mahfouz, our Country Manager, and Szymon Brylski, our Marketing Manager represented Bidroom at the Arabian Travel Market Trade Show in Dubai.

Schweizer Ferientag (Swiss Holiday Event Organized by in Lucerne (23-24 April)

We don’t just soak up the sun, we also spread the love. Marcin Wesołowski, our Director of Operations, had the chance to speak on behalf of Bidroom at one of the most important annual events in Swiss tourism. He ran two breakout sessions entitled “Win-Win-Win,” where he discussed how Bidroom’s core philosophy benefits travelers, hoteliers, and the business itself. Thanks to these sessions, Bidroom had a chance to get in front of hoteliers, tourism boards, congress organizations, and public transportation companies. In turn, they got to dig into Bidroom, learn about our mission, and hear about our lofty goal to disrupt the European hospitality industry.

[If you’re feeling particularly nerdy, feel free to check out the slides to all the conference presentations here (you can find our Marcin’s at #21).]

E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona (May 20)

Exclusive, invite-only event for retailers and brands held in Barcelona? We’re so in, we can’t even *be* more in. Happy to report Bidroom was well-represented here, and that’s exactly how we like it to be.

EyeforTravel Digital Strategy Summit in London (May 21–22)

Look mom, we’re famous! Michael Ros, our COO, was invited to speak on our behalf at one of the most important digital strategy events in Europe. He talked about current changes in the membership economy, the future of the travel industry, and the importance of customer experience.

Nordic High Tech Travel Expo in Stockholm (May 23)

This unique event brings the hospitality industry together to explore new technical solutions. Caroline, our Business Development Director, along with Maurizio, our CTO, were there to talk about Bidroom and the changes that the hospitality industry is facing in the moment, and will inevitably have to face sooner than later.

Pssst… Got questions?

We’ve got answers. (Or at least we can Google who might have the answers, like really, really fast.)

*Wipes sweat off brow* That’s it for now, but we’re curious what the other half of 2019 will bring. Stay tuned!

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