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Bengaluru – the city of many names

The Garden City, the Silicon Valley of India, the Science City of India, the Pensioner’s Paradise… Bengaluru (previously known as Bangalore) has many names. And although the city has changed a great deal over the years, it still captivates tourists from all over the world with its unique personality.


Garden City

There is a legend that says that the ruler of the Mysore kingdom in the XVII century liked the city’s climate so much, that he decided to plant in it a garden in honor of his sister. The construction of the garden ended up being finished by his son. This is how the Lalbagh Botanical Garden (the Red Garden) was created. Today it is one of India’s most popular botanical gardens with the largest collection of tropical plants in the country and a beautiful glass house where two flower shows take place each year, one in January and the other in August.

Once upon a time, Bengal was the city of many gardens, which over time have been displaced by the concrete jungle, but in many parts of the city visitors can still see the remains of its “green era”.





The Silicon Valley of India

Every era must come to an end, and that is what happened with the era of the Garden City. The development has led to the replacement of greenery from the city and by hundreds of buildings in which various industries, mainly IT, develop. The city was renamed the Silicon Valley of India and named “The most livable city in India”. As the third largest city in the country it is home to millions of people. Always full of life, ideal for young professionals, Bengaluru is constantly growing and changing. Without forgetting its traditions, Bengaluru is an unusual mix of history and novelty.


The Pensioner’s Paradise

Unfortunately, through the growth of the industry, Bengaluru lost some that peace that made it a perfect city for the pensioners. Development often comes with a price, for Bengaluru it was a blissful mood of the city and the greenery. The authorities of the city are trying to restore some of its old personality, but as in many large metropolitan areas, this was an unavoidable process that perhaps took away a part of the charm but had a lot of positive effects as well.




The Science City of India

Bengaluru is also a home to many educational and research institutions of the country, such as Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Design, National Law School of India University and many more. Numerous other organizations are also located in the city, making it one of the science centers of India.


There’s much to discover in this wonderful city. Bengaluru is full of contrasts that merge together into the most beautiful mosaic.


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