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[Video] Dear Tourism & Hospitality: We’re (Distantly) With You

Our lives are different these days.  We’re working from our bedrooms, we need gloves to get the groceries, we’re wishing mom a happy Mother’s Day through the window.  There are less hugs, less high fives, less people around us.  But we’re very much aware that by keeping away over the short-term, we’re really sticking together — so that one day, we’ll once again have meetings in our lovely offices, embrace our families, and travel all over the globe.  Though most of the world is self-isolating, it doesn’t mean we have to be isolated.  Bringing travel to our home is keeping the globetrotters within us at peace. We’re cooking spaghetti from scratch like we’re in Italy. We’re salsa dancing badly, but who cares? We’re sitting with a laptop in front of the window, soaking up the sun like we’re on the beach.  And while we’re getting very comfortable with our screens, the hit to the industry is tough, so we’re getting better at collaborating across physical spaces to get things done. Like this video, for example.

Bidroom’s top eight hotels near magical Christmas markets in Europe

It’s hard to know what to do when you’re missing that Christmas spirit. When the twinkly sprinkling of fairy lights around the mantelpiece just aren’t doing it for you this year. When the crackle of the fire just isn’t crackley enough to spark that holiday magic. When hot choco, reindeer pyjamas and Mariah Carey only frustrate you more because “why don’t I have the feeling this year?”. Good news. We have the answer to all your Yuletide spirit problems. Pack your mittens. Dig your fluffiest coat out from the back of the closet. Grab your passport. You’re going to a Christmas market! 1. Kraków, Poland What: Main Square Christmas marketWhere: Rynek Główny, Kraków, Poland / Google MapsOpen: 29 November to 7 January; 10am to 8pm (food stalls until 10pm)Hotel: Bonerowski Palace / Świętego Jana 1, Kraków, Poland Market: The scenic and very charming Rynek Glowny square in the old town makes Krakow one of the best settings for a Christmas market, the largest in Poland. Blacksmiths, jewellers, village artists and plenty of mulled wine, Polish …

We’re making friends!

This month more companies that like what we do have joined our travel revolution. And we must say, we like what they do too. So get cosy, spread a comfy blanket over yourself on the couch and start finding more reasons to love Bidroom *cough* THE MEMBERSHIP PERKS! *cough* Gettin’ Around 🚗 Avis – up to 15% discount for car rental Avis can literally take you anywhere you need to go. It’s perfect for that freedom you want on your trip. Rent the car, roll the windows down and cruise along the coast of wherever just like the dreamlike movie sequence you’ve always imagined.  Marcel – 15 EUR discount for first ride (carbon-neutral cars) Paris only Worried about the environment? Conscious of our impact? Us too! Use Marcel to get around Paris! They are an e-taxi service that’s got 100% CO2 emission offset to tackle environmental upset or and we 100% love it.  Everyone’s got baggage 🛍 Eelway – 5% discount for luggage storage & transfer Don’t lug your luggage around like a human snail. …

Mission: Amsterdam sends one Bidroom agent abroad

Pau is the winner of Bidroom’s interactive game for Krakow’s startup community – Mission: Amsterdam. Her glowing enthusiasm led her through the challenge and into the busy city of a million bicycles. She’d like to tell us if it was fun. Mission: Amsterdam was organised on the 16th of August for all participants of the OMGKRK Summer Jam meet-up in Krakow. Startuppers, entrepreneurs, and networkers could become Agents in Bidroom’s covert operation stylised after the Mission: Impossible series. It started with a challenge to decrypt a coded message of 4 parts held by 4 Bidroom operatives that were hiding in the area. Further instructions remain classified to this day. The big win – for those who accepted the mission – was a visit to the Dutch capital with the flights and hotel stay covered. Overcoming the effort that needed stealth, espionage, and divine hearing abilities, Pau completed all objectives with no measurable effort. The world would like to know what happened. What was the hardest part of your mission? The hardest part, without any doubt …

Bidroom has a new CTO!

Bidroom Welcomes Maurizio Tripi: Tech Leader, Agile Evangelist, CxO Consultant From Silicon Valley What’s got over 110 legs and won’t stop growing? Yeah we do. Last month, we welcomed tech leader Maurizio Tripi to our Board of Directors, and as the newest addition to our ever-growing team of 55+ tech and travel nerds in our Krakow office. “Bidroom holds huge growth potential. I’m here to do what I love most: Scale the product and its technology to perform with millions of users, while supporting outstanding business agility.” —Maurizio Tripi, Bidroom’s new CTO An Innate Passion for Technology, 25+ Years of Commitment to the Industry Originally from Italy, Maurizio spent many of his recent years in Silicon Valley, CA, where he was deeply rooted in the tech ecosystem. Throughout the years, he’s been an active investor, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor in several ventures. In 2014, he founded Real Contacts, an AI-based reputation system focused on better relationship-building. Prior to that, he served as the VP of Innovation & Consulting for Herzum, a consulting company headquartered in …


Top 5 cities to visit this Spring if you don’t want to spend too much money

We all have spent long Tuesday afternoons at work, scrolling through our Instagram and finding posts upon posts by Sarah from high school of her touring the cities of Europe. As you scroll through her pictures of posing with her boyfriend before the Eiffel Tower, appreciating the art in the Van Gough museum, and drinking coffee in the Swiss Alps, your mind automatically tends to think of the last time you went on a vacation. Coming up empty from that thought, you realize how much you have surrounded yourself with work. This is where the itch starts; you know you work too much and deserve a break from all your responsibilities. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, after all. So, you decide to take a work-break to explore the world, but when you put a hand in your pocket, all your dreams come crashing down. There is no way you can travel around the world in this budget, is there? Don’t worry, we are here for you. For all your tourist …


Chatbots: Useful or Damaging to Your Hotel Business?

In a world dominated by tech, change is the only constant. Every week, there’s a new download, update, upgrade, or self-propelling vacuum cleaner to wrap your head around. Chatbots are just one example of the newest hype permeating the business world. But can they help your business?  Let’s start with the basics. What on earth is a chatbot? If you ever clicked on a Facebook ad and instantly (almost magically) received what felt like a personalised message from that page—you just got DM’ed by a chatbot. Chatbots are basically instant messaging technology. Businesses most often use them to quickly and easily communicate with their existing (and potential) clients—without needing an actual human to sit behind a screen and manually try to strike up conversation with anyone scrolling their page, on an individual basis. We all know how awkward starting an unsolicited conversation can be, right? So think of chatbots as your very own Awkwardness Eliminators: you can focus on your business priorities, and in the meantime, you know a little algorithm is running in the …

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – where to go to celebrate it in an original way

For a love-filled season one question that stays prevalent in the minds of every love-struck person is how exactly do they introduce the X-factor to their Val’s Day celebration this year. How do they make Valentine’s Day a beautiful memory that triggers smiles on their partners’ faces each time it is remembered. Now, for those who are lost in these questions, you might want to keep the fretting on the low and read on. We have you covered a hundred percent. Discussed below are tips on how to have an absolutely pleasurable Valentine’s Day and celebrate it in an original way. Excited? Let’s show you how to make magic! A Retreat Into The Woods If you and your partner are naturally hard workers on every other day of the year and are suckers for the wonders of nature, then opting for a retreat into the woods on Valentine’s Day is a pretty good option. It enables you to unwind and just bond with your soulmate in a serene and beautiful environment. There are also the …

Tuscany – The Perfect Woman: Beautiful, Intelligent, Friendly and Never Disappointing.

Versione Italiana di Seguito.  Italian Version Below Article written by Federica Margilio While trying to find the “right” topic on which I can develop this article and the perfect words to express it, I found myself lost in all of the anecdotes and stories that should be told. So lost, that I was forgetting the reason that pushed me to talk about my region, Tuscany, which is the unconditional love that I have for it.

Escape The Winter Crowds In The Aeolian Paradise Of Salina

Versione Italiana di seguito. Italian Version below. Article written by Izabela Krzanowska Travelling to Salina Italy is a never-ending colourful journey, where time passes slowly. Today, we are giving you a personalised guide to Salina Island, written by our Italian Country Manager, Izabela Krzanowska, who is also an ex-resident of this beautiful paradise.