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8 Design Hotels From Around the World

Design Hotels

Lately, the design hotels are becoming increasingly more popular. Most of them are luxurious, however, that is not the key indicator. Generally speaking, the design hotel must have unique architecture, interior or features. Many of them are very futuristic, but on the other hand, there are plenty styled to look like they come from the past eras. This is our round down of some of the best design hotels around the World.

San Francisco Proper Hotel

In the San Francisco’s Mid-Market area, you can find the perfect example of the urban hotel. The San Francisco Proper Hotel, built in 1904 by Albert Pissis, is not only beautiful on the outside, but most importantly, on the inside. It has a gorgeous, romantic interior to sweep you off your feet.

All of its 131 rooms, connect few art eras into something completely unique. Modernism, Cubism and Secessionism come together to create one-of-a-kind space. In each room, you can find different colours, textures and materials. Technically they should not go together, but surprisingly they do, creating a romantic, yet modern feeling.

Design Hotels

Mar Adentro

In San José del Cabo, you can find the Mar Adentro Hotel. This architectural piece of art,  combines two seemingly contrary forces – the desert and the ocean, into a harmonious fusion.

The structure of the hotel is very raw, and simple. Its walls are made out of concrete. They are white, straight and simple. Similarly, its interior’s main asset is its simplicity. All that is to integrate the building with its surroundings.

Water girdles the building, making it look like a landscape from a sci-fi movie. On top of that, the bird’s nest restaurant makes it look that much more out-of-this-world.

This minimalistic masterpiece was created by Miguel Angel Aragonés and is one of the most spectacular minimalistic design hotels in the World.

Design Hotels

DO & CO Hotel Vienna

At the heart of the historic Vienna, lays the DO & CO Hotel. It is nearly impossible not to notice this tall, glass building, contrasting with the towers of the gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It looks almost unreal, too beautiful to be true. This contrast seems to be a statement, that the historical city such as Vienna, is now welcoming the future with open arms. That they can merge into something truly beautiful.

Inside of the building is modern, yet somehow warm interior, with white and brown as the dominant colours. The most important materials inside are the wood and glass, making it look almost immaculate. Elegant and luxurious it is one of the most impressive hotels in Austria, that deserves a place on our list.

The SOHO Hotel

Another hotel on our list is the SOHO Hotel, from London. Located on a quiet street at the heart of the city, it offers  96 rooms and a wonderful atmosphere.

Each room in the hotel is different, yet they are all large, with tall windows, that make them exceptionally bright. They were individually styled, to suit every taste. They were designed by Kit Kemp. It is the name every person curious about the design hotels should be familiar with. Her contemporary style, combining different materials and patterns, creates a luxurious and unique atmosphere.

Design Hotels


One of the most unique of all of the design hotels on our list is the Berlin’s Provocateur. Located in the Charlottenburg it offers 58 luxury rooms and suites, each far from dull.  

What makes Provocateur so special, is the combination of the 1920’s Paris, and the Berlin’s soul. Together, it creates a glamorous, sometimes peculiar, always gorgeous interiors. Dark natural stone, velvet fabrics dim lighting, and a lot of red and purple. Those are the keys to create mysterious, seductive vibe. The Art Nouveau architecture completes the picture.

If we had to choose the sexiest hotel in the World, the Provocateur would surely be one of our first choices.

Design Hotels

QT Sydney

At the heart of Sydney’s business district lays the QT Sydney Hotel. The 200 guest suites, located in the historic Gowings and State theatre buildings, together create one of the best designer hotels in this part of the globe.

The blend of Gothic, Art Deco, together with the modern interior, make the atmosphere of the hotel truly special.  Each room represents one of 12 styles.

Its contemporary design, incredible cuisine, luxurious spa and perfect location are absolutely remarkable.

Design Hotels

Ion Adventure Hotel

Once an abandoned inn, now a boutique hotel, the Ion Adventure Hotel is an incredible place. The landscape of Iceland, together with the modern design of the hotel, make it look like a  spaceship on a foreign planet.

Its 45 rooms create a warm, homey atmosphere. However, the combination of light wood and even lava, give it an urban look. Yet again the designers played with different fabrics and yet again it worked. Chick ambience of the place, the wonderful cuisine of its Silfra Restaurant & Bar, and all the benefits of the Lava Spa, make the stay there worth every penny.

Design Hotels

Satoyama Jujo

The Japanese Satoyama Jujo hotel, located in a 150-years-old house, closes our list of the best designer hotels. As written on its website, it wants to “redefine luxury”, make it an experience rather than a material thing.

The hotel lays in the natural landscape of the Japanese nature. It connects tradition and modernity. It’s smaller than the other sites on our list, with only 12 rooms. However, each of them tells a different story, making them that much more special.

There are not many places where you can truly relax and feel like at home, even on the other side of the planet. The hotel also emphasizes the feeling of togetherness through its common areas. Together with a hot spring spa, it is the perfect getaway.



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