Month: March 2020

[Video] Dear Tourism & Hospitality: We’re (Distantly) With You

Our lives are different these days…  We’re working from our bedrooms, we need gloves to get the groceries, we’re wishing mom a happy Mother’s Day through the window.  There are less hugs, less high fives, less people around us.  But we’re very much aware that by keeping away over the short-term, we’re really sticking together — so that one day, we’ll once again have meetings in our lovely offices, embrace our families, and travel all over the globe.  Though most of the world is self-isolating, it doesn’t mean we have to be isolated.  Bringing travel to our home is keeping the globetrotters within us at peace. We’re cooking spaghetti from scratch like we’re in Italy. We’re salsa dancing badly, but who cares? We’re sitting with a laptop in front of the window, soaking up the sun like we’re on the beach.  And while we’re getting very comfortable with our screens, the hit to the industry is tough, so we’re getting better at collaborating across physical spaces to get things done. Like this video, for example.

28 Global Trips & Unique Experiences You Can Explore from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Here’s to travel in times of lockdowns and self-isolation Travel isn’t just about planes, packing, and plans. It’s about experiences: discovering the unknown, exploring a new adventure, appreciating the beauty of a moment with loved ones, new or old friends, or with ourselves.  So, while the world remains pretty much grounded for the next little while — our travel experiences don’t have to be. Thank you, internet! 14 Top Destinations Around the World: Did you know there’s a whole section of the internet dedicated to providing high-quality 360 views of cities all over the world? Here are just a few of many we found to be particularly jaw-dropping: Grab a towel, put on that bikini and make like you’re heading to one of Budapest’s famous thermal spas. Glide over the Szechenyi Chain Bridge and explore the historical Buda Castle at the tippy top of the city.  Walk along the boardwalk on the shore, watch your footprints appear in the sand and even get in the water to explore what’s underneath in the Maldives.  Brighten things …

The European Capital of Tech

Why the Netherlands is a breeding ground for technology Tech is shaping the world around us every single day. It is an intrinsic part of the human leisure-work experience. The U.S has Silicon Valley; so what’s Europe’s answer to technological innovation?  Renowned for its fertility in terms of business regarding proficiency in the English language as well as its tax incentives, and after having earned almost 1 billion dollars in venture capital in 2019, all eyes are on the Netherlands. The country has unparalleled fluidity in terms of its registration process for businesses compared to its fellow European nations.  One thing is certain; the Dutch capital has startup fever. Since the last global financial crisis, the Dutch were proactive despite many people suffering job loss and redundancy. Instead they began creating their own, and so began the popularisation of startups in the country. Now, they’re a hotbed for new business given that tech companies from the United States highly regard their healthy ecosystem in terms of business.  In the last couple of years, we’re noticing …

Paris sustainable tourism

Bidroom loves green: be sustainable in Paris

Are you travelling to the City of Love?  Whether you’ve made the plans, or it’s on your bucket list, there are some things you should know about the French capital… Paris and the wider world are switching themselves on to the impact of humanity on the environment. The city is introducing green technology and initiatives like sea-bubble powered flying cars, renewable energy sources like silent wind turbines powering the Eiffel Tower and planting gardens around the area.  There are great Parisian companies that you can use to lower your carbon footprint and initiatives you can take personally to reduce your waste and impact the climate more positively.  Here are our tips for going to the European city and painting the town green, from the moment you leave your house to roaming around the metropolis: Travel Consciously Before you even set foot out the door, you can make active decisions that immediately affect your impact on the planet.  How? It’s simple; travel by boat if you can, since its impact on environmental contamination is much less …