Month: May 2019


Top 5 cities to visit this Spring if you don’t want to spend too much money

We all have spent long Tuesday afternoons at work, scrolling through our Instagram and finding posts upon posts by Sarah from high school of her touring the cities of Europe. As you scroll through her pictures of posing with her boyfriend before the Eiffel Tower, appreciating the art in the Van Gough museum, and drinking coffee in the Swiss Alps, your mind automatically tends to think of the last time you went on a vacation. Coming up empty from that thought, you realize how much you have surrounded yourself with work. This is where the itch starts; you know you work too much and deserve a break from all your responsibilities. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, after all. So, you decide to take a work-break to explore the world, but when you put a hand in your pocket, all your dreams come crashing down. There is no way you can travel around the world in this budget, is there? Don’t worry, we are here for you. For all your tourist …


Hotel Chatbots – Win or Fail for Guests?

In a world dominated by tech, change is the only constant. Every week, there’s a new download, update, upgrade, or self-propelling vacuum cleaner to wrap your head around. Chatbots are just one example of the newest hype to permeate the business world. But can they help your business?  What is a Chatbot? Did you ever click on an ad on Facebook and instantly receive a message from their business page? That’s a chatbot: instant messaging technology mostly used by businesses. It’s not surprising that AI is changing business operation dramatically, and chatbots are becoming popular customer services channel. Hotel chatbot is a computer responding to your guests, instead of your live support staff.  A chatbot is a customer service, fueled by artificial intelligence, to interact with customers via a massaging medium such as messenger.  Chatbot magazine classifies chatbots into two basic categories:  Powered by rules: The bot that responds to very limited and specified commands, it doesn’t understand your query and may reply with the wrong message. This chatbot is preferred by business to stay …