Month: September 2018

Full Moon Party

The Ultimate Thailand Full Moon Party Guide

The now infamous Full Moon Party in Thailand, once a gathering of travellers on a remote, underdeveloped island, has since exploded into what most people know today. One of the most infamous and best parties in the world. For some, it is merely an extra to their visit to Thailand. For others, it is the only reason for their visit to Thailand.


Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. People go there for all sorts of reasons from family holidays to experiencing a full moon party. Thailand gives you a lot, from a sense of energy, of adventure to hectic cities to explore. It gives a sense of wonder and knowing that anything can happen. 

scared cat

Creepy, Scary and Dangerous Islands of the World

There are many islands around the world, many of which are visited by millions of tourists year in year out. Sandy beaches, cocktails, idyllic and romantic meals next to the sea, people fanning your face with palm leaves. All things you would expect on an island holiday. Today we are giving you a list of some of the creepiest islands and islands that you are not allowed to visit, even one that if you go near, you will never leave again if you manage to get there at all.


A Musical Map of Brazil

There is a whole world of Music in Brazil, but what’s so special about Brazilian music? It’s mainly carnival and tropical stuff, right? And I guess my father used to listen to that old Latin jazz thing… what was it called? Oh yeah,  Bossa Nova.