Month: December 2017

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve Destinations

New Year’s Eve is celebrated all around the World. There are hundreds of destinations, perfect for spending the last day of the year. Today we’ve prepared a round-down of those places with their most popular New Year’s Eve traditions.

Winter Destinations

Winter Destinations for Everybody

Everybody has a different approach to Winter. Some like to spend it in front of the fireplace with a glass of Malbec. Others want to enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts, and go skiing, skating or snowboarding each weekend. There are also those, who can’t stand it and look for any chance to get away. Today, we’ve prepared a list of Winter destinations, where everyone can find something for themselves. Disclaimer: For the sake of the article we will talk about the season in the northern hemisphere.

Uzakrota Travel Awards 2017

Bidroom announced the Best Travel Start-up of the Year

On December 21st, the winners of the Uzakrota Travel Awards 2017 have been announced. In each of the 20 categories, the panel of judges, consisting of some of the most important figures in the Turkish hospitality industry, had to carefully analyze and choose the best of the bests from the pole of 10 candidates. Important factors in making this decision were both the general idea behind the business, as well as the predicted impact it may have on the Turkish market.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas is everybody’s favourite time of the year. However, the customs vary depending on the country. While it is usually festive, this holiday doesn’t look the same in every country. So today, since it’s just around the corner, we will talk about the Christmas traditions from around the World.


Brasília – Built to Become a Capital

Most people associate Brazil with two cities – Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. In fact, many don’t even realize that none of them is the capital of the country. The city that actually holds this title is Brasília. Let’s have a look at this underestimated city and learn why visiting it is actually a great idea.

Bidroom Country Manager Russia & Asia

Meet Lidiia, Bidroom’s Country Manager Russia and Asia

We are happy to introduce you to our Country Manager for Russia and Asia – Lidiia Tkachenko. She is responsible for developing the market in the Russian speaking and Asian countries for Bidroom. She maintains long-lasting relationships with hotel owners, revenue, sales directors and general managers and provides them with the best solution to increase their revenue per available room.

Tea culture

Tea Culture Around the World

Many beverages are known only to a certain area of the World, but one took over all of the continents. Tea is, after water, second most popular drink on Earth. But while we all know and love it, not every nation enjoys it the same way. Tea culture is fascinating and gives you a glimpse of the region’s customs. That’s why today we will have a very special trip around the World.

Zanzibar City, Zanzibar

Zanzibar – The Spice Island

East of Tanzania lays an archipelago full of wonders. Zanzibar is known worldwide as the tropical paradise and has become one of the most popular African destinations. Yet many do not realise, just how much it has to offer. Let us give you a closer look at what this stunning place has in store, and why you should plan much more than just sunbathing when travelling to this beautiful land.

Subscription Business Model

Subscription Business Model in Brazil

Subscription business model is becoming increasingly more popular around the World. From Europe to Australia people are signing up to websites, gift boxes, and other monthly or annually renewed offers. In recent years the popularity of this solution started growing rapidly in one part of the World. People all over Latin America (commonly known as LATAM) are showing interest in subscriptions that many companies can use to their own benefit. I will focus on one of the LATAM countries, with very peculiar market rules, Brasil. What is the Subscription Business Model? But firstly, what exactly is the business model based on subscriptions? Started by the newspapers, it consists of buying a renewable subscription instead of making a one time purchase of one product. Thanks to that, the customer gains access to products or services. Subscriptions come in many forms. They may be access to websites, such as, for example, Netflix or Spotify, so-called gift boxes, satellite television, gyms, even medical services, and many more. Renewing the subscription is usually automatic. The new customer gives his …

Palace of the Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle

Palaces of the Queen Elizabeth II

Who as a child didn’t dream of being a prince or a princess and live in a castle? Most of us, of course, did not succeed. But some people did. Some even became kings and queens, despite the traditional monarchies fading away. Possibly the most well known of them all is the British Queen Elizabeth II. That’s why today we will have a walk through all of her estates, and see what a life of a real queen looks like.   Buckingham Palace Possibly the most famous palace in the World, the Buckingham Palace is a British crown estate everybody has heard of. It is the official residence of the Royal Family in London since 1837 and an administrative headquarters of the ruling monarch. But it hasn’t always been the main home of Queen Elizabeth II. Actually, it hasn’t even always been a palace. The building that became a core of the estate as we know it today, was built in 1703. It was the house of the Duke of Buckingham and Normanby. Later, it …