Month: September 2017


Madeira – The Pearl of the Atlantic

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, nearly 1000 km south of Europe is a unique piece of land. The Madeira Archipelago, the subject of today’s post, is often called the “Hawaii of Europe”, and not without reason. This autonomous region of Portugal is actually closer to Africa than to the Old Continent. Its location and volcanic origin made it into a rocky land with some of the largest cliffs in Europe. Yet, its climate is very mild, with gentle Summers and fairly warm Winters. Madeira sounds like a land of contrasts, but it’s surprisingly harmonious. Let us take you on a journey around this special place, so you can see it for yourself.


Reputation Management in Hotel Industry – It’s All About the Experience

It was a lovely Saturday night in Valletta, the capital of Malta. The city was slowly falling asleep and getting some rest, and so did we. A few hours later, in the middle of the night, the horror started. Pavement works had been scheduled for that odd time when most locals and tourists were sleeping and apparently no one was informed. After 2 hours of trying to get some sleep, we decided to call the 24/7 phone number provided to hotel guests for the time when reception is closed. For the entire night, no one picked up the call.

Wine glass, Italian Wine

The Trail of Italian Wines

Who doesn’t love a glass of red after a long day at work? Wine has been a big part of our culture for millennia, especially in Europe. And few countries make as good wine as Italy. For Italians, it is not only the national drink but also a base of its cuisine. Italian wines are known for their quality and prestige. Vineyards over the centuries became a prominent part of its scenery. So today, we are taking you on a trip through its most famous wine regions.

The Outstanding Street Art of Krakow

Krakow, “The City of Kings”. Once a capital of Poland, now its cultural centre, is known for the gorgeous castle, gothic and baroque churches, fascinating museums, and the 13th-century main square voted the best public space in the World. It is typically associated with old buildings and stories of the past. However, Krakow is way more than just a dream destination for the history geeks. Something many people do not expect is its vibrant street art scene.

Holidays Beer Lovers Can’t Skip

Beer. We all love the sound of that word, especially after a long week at work. If you’re on this site it most likely means that you also love travelling. Why not combine the two and create the ultimate experience? And we don’t mean cracking open a cold one on the road. We mean Beer Spas and hotels with breweries inside of them and more. Today, we present you with a very special travel guide.

Samih-Sawiris-Bidroom-Investment Secures Substantial Investment from Billionaire, Samih Sawiris

This week we have made a major announcement, that has secured substantial investment from Samih Sawiris, the founder of the Orascom Development Group. This deal comes right after an investment round, which was closed in July, and included funds from a few medium sized hotel chains from the Netherlands and Switzerland, who strongly believe in the growth opportunities of Bidroom.


My name is Carlo, Monte Carlo

There is a special moment in one of the best-known Bond movies, GoldenEye. The passionate kiss between Pierce Brosnan and Serena Gordon transitions into the fabulous panorama of Monte Carlo. This small piece of the world, due to its wealth, seems as unrealistic as the length of the life of the immortal Agent 007 himself.